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Michael Porcello
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Michael Porcello Super tight and interesting progressive deathcore. It can be somewhat hard nowadays to keep things interesting in this genre, but these guys got their shit down, awesome album. Favorite track: Weapons of Mass Deception.
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released January 28, 2014

The Akashic Record is:

Cody Warden - Vocals/Lyrics
Bryan Galvan - Guitar
Alexander Phillips - Drums
Daniel Longoria - Bass
Drake Carmichael - Guitar


Recorded/Mixed/Mastered by Kevin Duran
Artwork by Galleon Creative



all rights reserved


Akashic Dallas, Texas

New album "Radiance" coming soon!

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Track Name: Epiphany
Trapped in a world of confusion, where the fuck are the answers that I'm searching for?
We're missing the most important piece of this puzzle that we call our lives.
The truth has been hidden, why should I have to search for something that belongs to me?
I'm so fed up with this system that I was forced into, it's time to shut it down.
This is game over for all the villains that try to oppress you.
Poetic justice, dispose of the old and usher in the new.
Track Name: Weapons of Mass Deception
Force fed lies from the hand of the enemy that we cannot see,
the hidden eye above watches all yet eludes from sight
Weapons of mass deception!
Open wide to the lies that they feed you
Intake their corruption, they poison everything that you consume
Create a sickness and sell you the cure
System failure, the main frame has collapsed
We are facing a rebirth, our existence must rebuild
We are destroying ourselves
The structures we have designed, a virus to this planet that we call home
We are our own disease
You cannot stop the infection
This illusion of safety has fooled us all, hiding the evidence from our eyes
Where has the truth gone?
Like an ocean it envelopes me, the lies, I'm drowning.
Break free from your closed mind
You will see, that you are not who they said you were
Escape from this prison
You must release yourself from the ties that bind you.
Track Name: Ineffable
We are the starseeds of our generation, we have been sent here to rebuild.
An ancient and corrupted system of control designed to fail.
We are the ones who will restore this broken world that is our only home.
Break free from the barriers that they have set in place, designed to leech off of your life, feeding their greed.
Once awakened, an open mind cannot ever be closed.
There is no guilt for those without a conscience, your pain is their pleasure.
Hollow vessels with empty minds dead from the inside out.
You are soulless, how could you kill so many?
You must be fucking dead.
Making a game of our lives, I am not your pawn to control and enslave.
No matter what you say, I will not hand over my life!
With every passing day, everything seems to get worse, the pressure is rising.
I don't know if I can take this for much longer, now we explode!
A nation of sheep, owned by fucking pigs, and controlled by the wolves!
This is my world and you will never fucking take it!
Now, the truth has been revealed.
You were to blind to see that you were owned by something that you hate.
Owned by something that you hate.
Owned by something that you fucking hate.
Track Name: The Infinite Void
We hang in the balance suspended by powers unseen.
Isolated on this planet, away from what lies beyond our stars.
The vast unknown consumes me as I stare into the depths.
Will you fall, or will you hold on?
Thrown into the infinite void.
Your defense is disregard of something more, why would you think that we are so simple?
The void holds all the answers that you are searching for...
Fragile minds are shattered beneath the truth.
Do you fear what you don't understand?
The ghost of time will haunt you forever, a vicious apparition that is not forgotten.
Be afraid, when the fabrics tear we will lie in ruins!
When the fabrics tear we will lie in ruins, devastated by what we created.
This cycle of restoring what we've destroyed must begin.
Do you fear what you do not understand?
Do you fear what you do not understand?
Track Name: Elevation
No words. Just chill.
Track Name: Emergence (feat. Sam Peters of Osage Hills)
A journey to the inside of myself to find the secrets that we hold within.
The discovery of a true form, I found my own beliefs.
An attempt to distort all thought and end all life, a generated false image of being.
Acts of violence embedded into human consciousness, the separation of body mind.
Cognitive function will cease to remain, an empty vessel left in misery, disconnected from reality.
The third eye is revealed as you see for the first time visions beyond comprehension.
A feeling of ascension, a sense of higher being.
Awaken to this new world, witness the evolution, we are advancing further, we are no longer lost.
Destroy those who lead you from the truth of everything, their lies will only get you killed.
Their talk is cheap so quit fucking buying in!
You live a nightmare so they can live a fucking dream!
Wake up and see that you have been manipulated, despite what you think they only want to control you.
I'd rather die than wait for your apocalypse!
Stop hoping for an end to your miserable lives, put up a fight for everything you've lost.
Stop falling further into the dark, emerge into light!